October’s Garden

tag 161

Coral vine with two bumble bees by the new blue gate-trellis.

Honestly, September got away from me.  I’m not sure where it went, but I know much of my time was spent watering plants because it hardly rained here despite rain falling all around us.

On the sunny side, because there was no rain, I was able to get several projects completed.  For example, I scraped and painted my used & rusty patio table and four chairs. I’m very pleased with the outcome considering the bad shape these were in.

tag 140

I also ordered three boxwoods (Buxus sempervirens ‘Skywalker’) from Park Seed and have planted one.  I’m using one of these to screen part of my backyard from the new deck my neighbor, John, built.  The other two boxwoods will be planted by another area of the fence that needs screening. I’m still planning to put up lattice and privacy flags as the boxwoods will take awhile to get big.

tag 136

This particular boxwood has a tall conical shape.

I’m also painting two gates that will eventually become trellises.

Below are two “befores” of my unpainted gate:

tag 127

tag 168

And here are two “afters” of the one I’ve finished:

tag 154

tag 156

A few weeks ago, I found a lantern by the curb on Garbage Day.  It had no glass and was rather scuffed.  I decided the lantern was a good candidate for use in the garden, and here are the results:

tag 158

tag 160

tag 159

I used hardware cloth to replace the glass and mounted the lantern on one of my fence posts, which I painted black.  Just today, I added a black cast iron plant hook to the post.  More photos to come at a later date.

Finally, despite the fact that my garden is still in its infancy, I’m proud to say I do have a few plants in bloom this month:

tag 145

tag 146
Above: Butterfly weeds (Variety unknown.  These were cuttings given to me by a neighbor.)

tag 149

Antique rose, Mrs. Dudley Cross, above.

tag 143

Autumn aster purchased last fall at the Stephen F. Austin University plant sale.

As Bugs Bunny would say, “That’s All Folks!”  Happy blogging!






5 thoughts on “October’s Garden

  1. Your garden is looking fantastic. I love the new additions! We have also had little rain and it’s spring which is a worry. I have been dealing with all the weeds in our back garden and trying to stop the pots from drying out in the strong winds that occur at this time of year. You certainly have been very industrious and the great results reflect all your hard work.

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  2. Thanks, Kat! I’m sorry you aren’t getting any rain either. It makes gardening difficult. Pots always seem to need more frequent watering than in-ground plants.

    I feel a bit hobbled by the public computer I’m using because I’m no longer able to keep up easily or quickly with other blogs or my own.

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  3. This is exactly the type of post I love to read. Making use of scraps, trash and old things – whose beauty is simply hidden. Is the light wired or is it decorative?
    I LOVE that table and chairs… does the table have a glass top? Also, lovely blue gate / trellis. I’m happy you have blooming plants even though it took a lot of watering on your part.
    I’ve been very busy with work, but I always enjoy catching up with my favorite bloggers.


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