Welcome to my blog.  If you garden or enjoy reading about gardening, you’ve come to the right blog.  I don’t pretend to know everything about gardening, I just enjoy the journey.

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I’ve been a gardener since +/-1993. (My husband contaminated me with his gardening virus. I’ve had it ever since.)  In 2015, I moved from Central Texas to east Texas and am starting over with a new yard, soil, climate, and plants.  I invite you to walk alongside me on my garden journey.  FYI – I don’t know it all.  I will be forever learning.

Also, where did the Hairy Toe Gardener name come from?  There was once a cute children’s book about a little old lady who finds a hairy toe in her garden.  (I’m always finding strange things in my soil too.) Unlike more recent books that recount this American folktale, the little old lady in MY book did NOT eat the hairy toe she found and ends up giving it back to its owner.  Unfortunately, I can’t find the same book I read some 30 years ago.

However, if you are seriously interested in this American folktale, here’s a child telling it:

Hannah telling the story of the Hairy Toe.


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