Maintenance & Privacy

Other than planting 21 new plants, lately my efforts in the garden have focused on maintenance, which isn’t always a glamorous activity.

My area of Texas hasn’t had any significant rainfall since August 26th, and the ground is parched, so watering has become most important.

I’m also working on a variety of projects as is my neighbor, John.


John’s recently built deck above.

John just added a deck to his cute train depot-like house located beside mine.  While he doesn’t live in this house, he has slowly worked to upgrade the home’s mechanical systems.  The house has a relatively new roof, new wiring, and new plumbing, so although it still needs other work, the mechanical systems are in prime shape.

John tells me he will eventually sell or rent the house. Wish I could buy it!

While I think the deck is a lovely addition, it comes with a price for me.  Have a guess?

Now with the deck in place, it’s much easier to see into my backyard.  Below are a few photos taken of my backyard from John’s new deck.




With privacy in mind, one of my next projects will be to add privacy flags around the inside of the fence where privacy matters most.

I don’t have a photo to share of privacy flags, but basically, they are rectangular in shape and will hang 2 feet above and parallel with the top of the fence to provide screening.

I’ve also ordered four sections of lattice to install above another portion of my fence.

Finally, Build-A-Sign (which I can’t get to link) was running a 40% off special on their custom signs. I’m a fool for signs so I made two.  See below.



Here’s wishing you the best for your garden!